Hope is Life is a non-profit organization that works to create vibrant communities around the world where children can enjoy a peaceful, healthy life and receive proper education without any form of prejudice.

All of humanity belongs to the same family. Hope is Life believes that the world of humanity is a composite body—when part of the body suffers, the rest will feel the consequences. The advancement in education and economic progress depends largely on natural stirrings at the grassroots level. Programs aimed at the betterment of youth will empower communities, resulting in the transformation of society.

If you would like to contribute to Hope is Life’s activities, whether it be to provide scholarships to children in need, to build libraries in remote parts of the world, or to enhance the welfare of communities, you can donate via PayPal.


The Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone is losing its strength at last after infecting more than 24,000 and killing more than 9,000. And the consequences are here to stay.

Those supported by Hope is Life in the country continue to struggle. The women guardians who received microloans to start their own businesses—and use the profits to support their children—cannot continue to operate resulting from the ban of public gatherings, including commercial marketplaces.

These small grants, provided by Hope is Life, serve the purpose of giving women financial and emotional independence in order to start their own businesses, and in turn, support local children who are orphaned. These businesses range from selling fruit to palm oil extraction, and profits support the welfare and education of the children for whom they care, providing future opportunities for them to contribute to their nation’s development.

Now, some of these guardians are walking extremely long distances to find palm oil, or a few oranges and bananas to sell in their homes while awaiting the government to lift the public gathering bans.

On March 3, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf urged the world to back a "Marshall Plan" to help West African countries affected by Ebola to stamp out the disease and rebuild their shattered economies. The term refers to the U.S.-led aid plan that rebuilt Europe after World War II. Although nearly USD $5 billion has been pledged internationally to the Ebola effort, less than half has been used.

Visit www.hopeislife.org to contribute today and support these women guardians! (4 photos)
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Happy International Women's Day! On this day, we can't help but reflect on all the amazing women we've met—the mothers who welcome more lonely faces into their cramped homes after natural disasters, the grandmothers who start new careers in order to care for those without a family, sisters, nieces, daughters—all who shine amidst struggles. We are honored to know these women around the world, who continue to keep their heads up and inspire their communities to do better. #internationalwomensday ... See MoreSee Less

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UPDATE: We have great news! With your generous and kind support, Hope is Life was recently able to purchase a van for the Borni English School in Manipur, India. With this transportation, students can now attend school throughout the monsoon season, since they cannot walk the long distance from their homes to the school in the seasonal, pouring rain.

Located in a remote village in the northeast part of India, the school—run by Joseph Nshimbani and his wife, Bilashini—has been supported by Hope is Life for the past few years. A vast majority of the students belong to families of farmers, whose income completely depends on the annual harvest.

Our next step with the school involves fundraising for a new administration block and two new guest rooms to house teachers from overseas who are participating in a teacher exchange program. (2 photos)
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Today marks five years since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti. I can distinctively remember hearing the news from miles away while studying in Bangkok, Thailand, and again looked at my parents and asked, "Can we go?" With the support of Ruamudee International School and many others, we are happy to report that more children are going to school than ever before. Hope is Life Foundation committed these past five years in providing scholarships, teacher training and to the repairing and building of schools. In Oct 2014, Hope is Life Foundation opened its newest school in a small town called Corlette in Petion Ville, Haiti.

Much of our work in Haiti focuses on the children in partnership with the local community leaders. With the empowerment of local communities, Haiti has a bright future. We want to thank all of our supporters, for without you, my dreams to help children around the world would never come to fruition. (9 photos)
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