Hope is Life is a non-profit organization that works to create vibrant communities around the world where children can enjoy a peaceful, healthy life and receive proper education without any form of prejudice.

All of humanity belongs to the same family. Hope is Life believes that the world of humanity is a composite body—when part of the body suffers, the rest will feel the consequences. The advancement in education and economic progress depends largely on natural stirrings at the grassroots level. Programs aimed at the betterment of youth will empower communities, resulting in the transformation of society.

If you would like to contribute to Hope is Life’s activities, whether it be to provide scholarships to children in need, to build libraries in remote parts of the world, or to enhance the welfare of communities, you can donate via PayPal.


2010 earthquake was a tragedy. Many children became orphans and lost the opportunity to continue their education. One man in a small village in PetionVille, Haiti gathered all the needy children, orphans and the street children and started a day school in his family home.

For the past three years James Noel is running a school in a cramped front portion of his house and a small shed outside of his house built out of wood and tin roof. Our Foundation has been supporting day to day running of his school, built another schools and provide education and welfare for children in a few communities, since the earthquake.

A new building for the school is under construction. On September 15, 2014, nearly 100 students will move into a new school building. It’s grassroots projects like this that will build a new vision for Haiti. (4 photos)
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4 weeks ago

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Our women guardians in Sierra Leone are on the move! Hope is Life Foundation has established a scholarship fund—the Guardian Care Program—that will support the education of orphans, especially young girls. This fund is given in the form of micro-loans to women for the sponsorship of small businesses, which will in turn generate enough profit to send their children to school.

The income made by these businesses will be used to provide education, food, healthcare and clothing to the children under the guardians' care.

Girls are generally overlooked in Sierra Leone, and their education is a low priority for families. Data provided by UNICEF states that the gross enrollment ratio of boys in primary school was slightly higher than girls from 2008-2012, but the net attendance ratio was slightly higher among females. Although they have a desire to learn, teenage pregnancy, early marriages and poverty are among the numerous barriers to girls’ education. (4 photos)
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2 months ago

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FRUIT DAY. The students of the School in Haiti, “Institution Mixte Todah Adonai”, sponsored by Hope is Life Foundation, recently celebrated the “Fruits Day,” among their friends and teachers. The aim to celebrate the Fruit Day was to educate children about the importance of fruits and vegetables.

Each student brought a fruit and the idea was to share fruits with others at a meal to gain solidarity, friendship, kindness and sharing. Also, Fruit Day addresses to students, parents and the community to create and preserve positive living conditions for individuals and families. (6 photos)
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3 months ago

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